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Our Experiences

Service-Learning, Leadership, and Immersion Programs

Justice and Leadership Camp

O'ahu Hawai'i

This unique experience brings together themes such as environmental justice, food security, land sovereignty, and youth leadership through partnerships with local community organizations. Travelers will explore the ways in which these themes impact our lives in general and the lives of Hawaiian people in particular while examining ways in which we might take action at home. Set on the majestic island of O'ahu, this experience is truly dynamic.


Service-Learning Experience


Through collaboration with a renown organization in the mountain community of San Ramon, Nicaragua, students will learn through service as they create cultural connections through the arts, putting on an arts-enrichment summer camp for elementary school-aged children in Nicaragua. This transformative experience invites you to become who you will.


Language and Cultural Immersion

Puerto Rico

This language and cultural immersion program offers a rich learning experience as students take language classes from local instructors in small group settings by morning and deepen their understanding of Puerto Rican culture and art in the afternoons. The Isla del Encanto, or Island of Echantment, beckons with all her glory.

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