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International Service-Learning and Leadership Experiences

Global Ethos is a youth travel organization dedicated to engaging US-based students in transformative service-learning experiences abroad.

Who we are. What we do.

Global Ethos is an international service-learning and leadership organization that engages US-based students in transformative experiences abroad. We broaden our world views and deepen our intellectual curiosities; we promote student success as global citizens in the 21st century; and we enrich the creative experience of young people through cultural immersion, artistic exchange, and the construction of international networks of understanding and solidarity. By engaging our world, we may transform it, and ourselves in the process.


"The best part of this experience for me was connecting with the people I met. I also loved the nature.I learned that the world is so much more vast than I previously imagined and that there is more good in the world than I previously thought. Most importantly, I learned that I am a capable person who is ready to take on my future and do new things outside of my comfort zone!It has definitely changed me. It is hard to put into words exactly how it has, but I know that the trip changed me. I think that I am definitely more hopeful for my future. "

- Emma, Global Ethos Alum

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