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Parent Endorsements

Why parents love Global Ethos

Parents love the impact Global Ethos Experiences have had on their teens. From greater maturity and conscientiousness to increased competitiveness on college applications, parents explain how their children have grown.

"Our daughter had the most amazing time, she went on second trip with Global Ethos and absolutely loved it. ”

Mark and April

"The best part is seeing that my daughter expanded her horizons, and I feel like she had an amazingly eye-opening experience."

Gelinda Connell

"Global Ethos gave our daughter, Kumari, the opportunity to travel to Nicaragua where she took part in the development of art camps at an elementary school in the town of San Ramon. This was the first time Kumari traveled without her parents abroad and the first time she traveled long distances with friends. The students lodged with host families during the whole trip, which gave Kumari an amazing opportunity to connect and learn from the culture and costumes of people of that region. She also made deep connections with several of the students she met. Overall, Global Ethos was always on task and very flexible to accommodate travel arrangements for Kumari that summer. We had a chance to meet with the organizers several times before the trip to have all our questions answered. Kumari came back from the trip with a different perspective about the world and feeling empowered about the contribution and affect her visit made for herself and for the kids in San Ramon, Nicaragua. We highly recommend Global Ethos for this type of trips abroad." 


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